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KPHO TV5's General Manager Steven Hammel asks to make up for Mack (L) debate exclusion

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Steven called Richard Mack to inform him that a reporter would be calling him within 24hours to schedule a time that a crew would drive to Safford to tape an interview of substantial length to be aired in primetime to make up for Richard's not being part of the CBS KPHO TV5 US Senate debate this past Sunday. Steven asks that with this attempt to make amends we stop targeting the credibility of KPHO TV and its employees.


(Now I can go back to focusing on Gannett)

Ernest Hancock

Publisher FreedomsPhoenix

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Comment by Dave Hodges
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I want to tip my hat to my colleagues from the L party for a job well done!

You guys stood toe to toe with an arrogant, biased and unresponsive media outlet and they blinked. I am so impressed!

This is a victory for the average citizen no matter what their party politics consists of.

Thank you for modeling the trait that it takes courage, determination and a backbone to make a change in our country.

I watched the Tucson debate and Richard Mack was the only candidate that came across as being a real person who is not driven by external or selfish reasons for wanting to serve our country. Mr. Mack is genuine, sincere and espouses the American values that I am trying to instill in my young son. Now, the rest of the State will get another opportunity to see what I discovered about his character and his true love for the country, that I found, when I interviewed Richard on two separate occasions.

This event give me hope that we can change our country for the better, one step at a time.It is a very small step, but it is a step.

This made my day!

Knock'em dead, Richard!

Dave Hodges

Comment by Fascist Nation
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I presume substancial means 30 min. (half the debate length. I assume the questions will be the same as was asked the other candidates. I assume they will want to air it at 4 p.m. Sunday, but perhaps you can negotiate a better time. And I assume this has been forwarded to KTAZ-tv in Flagstaff.