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Please,... Steal this Logo!!! (the Ron Paul Revolution Artwork)

Written by Subject: Economy - Economics USA
From: Jorge Besada
Sent: Friday, March 28, 2008 6:04 PM
To: ErnestHancock at cox net
Subject: permission to use Ron Paul Revolution logo for my new book

I would like permission to use your Ron Paul R3volution logo as part of my book's cover. I have just released my book and it didn't occur to me to get permission for the logo and was reminded by someone posting about it at .

You can find the book here.

I would gladly send you a copy and I am well aware of the fact that I should have been more careful and I am in violation of your copyright.

Thanks for your consideration,
Jorge Besada.
A free book would be nice :)
Ernest Hancock
5739 N 11th Way
Phoenix, AZ  85014
602 717 5900
I appreciate the email. As you can imagine I get many similar requests for many different private and commercial products and publications.
This is my standard response,… the idea/logo belongs to everyone and to no one. I was very certain about what was gong to happen (long story why) and made the decision before the first sign was made to promote the concept without any restrictions (it’s a freedom thing).
The best way to slow down, or even kill, a volunteer movement we were preparing for is to try and control it. By demonstrating how much fun could be had by not seeking permission to communicate directly with a liberty starved populace in a creative, clear and inspiring way, we provided an outlet for expression. And once it started, there was nothing that could stop it.
So please feel free to do what you wish with this logo. It belongs to you as much as it does to me.
I trust the people to evaluate anything that tries to associate itself with the spirit of the r3VOLution to be worthy of the label.

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Comment by Trude Blomsoy
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How rare to find such a gracious person as Mr.
Hancock !

Comment by Brock
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Dear God, please don't sent a SWAT/RIAA team to my garage. We can work out some sort of payment plan. Do you take checks? :)

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