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The Wearing of Kilts... an Arizona Tradition.

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Senior Editor of FreedomsPhoenix, Powell Gammill, Activist Bob Anderson and Ernest Hancock at 2000 Libertarian National Convention in Anaheim , California.
What the picture doesn't show are our homemade Kilts that were made for us from a pattern (and done very well BTW) by Pastor Mike Hansford, then vice-Chair of the LPAZ.
My wife Donna just found this copy of the newspaper while looking for the Kilts that we've had stored in a box for 10 years ( You just never know when a good Kilt will come in handy :)

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Comment by J. Eric Andreasen
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A minor, but important, correction; Michael HAGGARD. 

We also had blue fabric patches the good pastor personally embroidered, with the word "Purist" on them. 

Michael Cloud, the LP-NatCom functionaries, and their associated glitterati of the mediocre were terrified that the media would get wind of what real liberty activists were about.  The Orange County Register did a nice interview, IIRC. 

I still have the nine yards of wool, and fond memories.


Unindicted Co-conspirator



Comment by Powell Gammill
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...still stealing the limelight ;-)

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