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Az arrested me for 28-701.02A2. I am in need of additional verbiage for the potential Federal Causes

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5-2012. This lawsuit strikes home......Az officer stopped me for 28-701.02A2, The officer stated that even though his radar was not on, he was not required to "lock" it. He then incarcerated me for two days for "Criminal Speed".

Federal rules of the road do not allow any state to restrict a non- commercial vehicle, and at any cause to make driving infraction a crime without an accident or injury. I stopped on private property, where I was assaulted and battered by the officer, then incarcerated for two days. I had not consented to search of me or my vehicle, nor removal of the car from private property.

I am awaiting my outcome for my MOTION TO DISMISS FOR LACK JURISDICTION. I have Moved for dismissal for lack of a "verified complaint", as the officer is not the injured party and per Federal Rules only the injured party can verify a complaint, therfore the court does not have Jurisdiction over the matter. (Verifying a ticket does not constitute a criminal complaint).

I am in need of applicable causes of actions, correct verbiage, and any case law for Federal Causes of Actions to include in filing my District lawsuit in September 2012. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Comment by fitz
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Hi Keith.  I just recently had my trial for driving on suspended license.  I wrote a 15 page memorandum w/Motion to Dismiss for lack of Subject Matter Jurisdiction.  I would be happy to provide it to you or anyone else who has the balls to challenge the system.  Of course my motion was denied.  I just filed the appeal.  One must understand the Authority of Law and how State Statutes are NOT law.  My Memorandum outlines this very clearly.  Now, getting the corrupt courts to follow the 'real law' for which we are responsible to obey, is the challenge.  email me at fitzie777@gmail.com.  

ps.  Memorandum can also be used for Fed courts, you will have to do your own research to tailor it to fit.


Comment by keith mack
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Update. Awaiting the Bullhead City judges' decision on my no show before following through with Federal Action against this speed trap. There was never any verified complaint, nor pleading....simply only an attempt by the court to extort money from me.....we will see.

Comment by PureTrust
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One of the best is Marc Stevens of http://marcstevens.net/ - if you can talk him into working with you.

Comment by keith mack
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Updade. The motion to dismiss was denied, no verified complaint filed by the People. Judge ruled against right to appear telephonically. It appears they want me to move ahead with my RICO action.

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