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South Carolina poised to push up primary

• AP
South Carolina is poised to hold its Republican presidential primary earlier than Feb. 2, 2008, likely in mid-January, a move that is expected to push New Hampshire and Iowa to follow suit. Such shifts could mean the first GOP nominating contest c

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Comment by Morpheus
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The reason for this move is very simple. The Bad Guys don't want Ron Paul to win. The longer Ron Paul is speaking the better chance he has of winning. Since his campaign is based on a logarithmic curve by cutting it off early you can defuse it, because most of the growth happens at the end.

For Example if a bacteria doubles in size and completely fills a petri dish in 1 hour then is half full in...think about it...the 59th minute! This is the same type of growth the Ron Paul Campaign is experiencing! one person telling another person and on and on. The establishment needs to cut it off before it gets to the point of being UNSTOPPABLE. It just goes by itself.

This is the same reason they are keeping Fred Thompson and Newt Gingrich in reserves. That way they will have fresh troops in case Ron Paul gains more steam. It's just like a military campaign!

All this means is we have to work harder. I don't consider it work though, its more love of my country and for my children and their children. I wan thtem to live in a country regards freedom and liberty as its highest regard ... NOT FASCISM.

Go to the mattresses. Get out there and rock and ROLL THE BONES... Get busy!