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Hasta la Vista Schwarzenegger

• Just a Girl in Short Shorts
As Governor Schwarzenegger was in the Rose Garden basking in the Obama glow of new auto emission and fuel mileage standards, the voters of California were rejecting his proposals to "solve" the California economic crisis. It is the end of

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Comment by William1950
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Cowards! Most politicians are. Both political parties are afraid to state that it is time to cut back. If the money stops so do the votes and this gives rise to other political parties that are willing to state the facts and what they are willing to do.
If I were to state I could put California in the black in three months, few would beleive me. If I would state I could redefine the business atmosphere in California and again have it expand most would laugh. The brains that put California in this mess could prove it was impossible... But I can. Will I be re-elected if I were elected to do so? No..But at the end of one year the state would be in the black, many of the jails would be half empty, roads would be rebuilt, traffic would be down and business would be expanding.
But what would I know after all I'm a non-person, just a middle American--not famous but I do know what needs to happen and I am willing to impliment what is required.