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New Strategy Urged in Mexico

• Washington Post
Calderón is under growing pressure to overhaul a U.S.-backed anti-narcotics strategy that many political leaders and analysts said is failing amid spectacular drug cartel assaults against the government. [12,000 dead and climbing]

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Comment by Lola Flores (20562)
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 Here we go!  Another one of the US' greatest schemes or scams as it may.  Soon, they'll be dumping truckloads of taxpayer dollars into this and the massacre or innocent women and children will be in the million.  After years of this, they'll withdraw, leaving the mess behind, saying nothing and forcing whoever is left behind at that point to migrate to the US where they will show them that they really having seen nottin' yet!  At that point starts the discrimination, the abuse, the name calling and all the other things that Americans know how to do so well in order to inflict insult on top of injury.