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Swine Flu: What I Believe

A year later, in 1999, a very capable investment and portfolio strategist asked me if he could come have a private lunch with me in Washington. We sat in a posh restaurant across from the Capitol. He said quietly that he had calculated out where the derivatives and debt bubble combined with globalization were going. The only logical conclusion he could reach was that significant depopulation was going to occur. He said his estimates led to an approximate population of 500 million. I said very quietly, “that’s my estimate too.” I will never forget the look of sadness that crossed his face.  I was amazed to find someone else who understood.

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Comment by Dave Hodges
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 Ernie and all,

I think Austin-Fitts statements are plain as the noses on our collective faces. What is coming will make the holocaust numbers pale by comparison and you and yours are not in the club.

I am presently in DC. Yesterday, while waiting in line for a tour of the white house, I noticed Napolitano delivering a speech on c-span on terrorism in front of a screen filled with the words "Council of Foreign Relations" desplayed about 2 dozen times on a blue background. A week ago, I saw Hillary Clinton giving a speech before the same background. To me, this says "we are the CFR and we are now fully in charge."  Read the writings of many of the CFR members and you will see that depopulation is one of their cornerstone beliefs. I used to laugh at these beliefs as extremists and paranoid. I am no longer laughing.

Dave Hodges

Comment by Found Zero
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Interesting read but somewhat ambiguous. It is, however, time for us to figure out how we're going to respond to any attempted forced vaccinations of the children.

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