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A U.S. War with Mexican Consequences

American drug policy has been a central component of U.S.–Mexican relations, and of Mexican drug policy, at least since 1969, when Richard Nixon unleashed Operation Intercept at the San Ysidro-Tijuana border, inspecting every vehicle that crossed the border with the hope, not of finding any drugs, but of pressuring the government of then-President Gustavo Díaz Ordáz to expand Mexican drug enforcement. Since that time at least, the United States has followed a policy of criminalization, interdiction, and de facto drug-consumption acceptance, given that American society has been reluctant to pay the price of a full-fledged attempt at zero tolerance. This has transferred a significant share of the burden of drug enforcement to the supply side of the equation, and in consequence, to the foreign policy domain. 

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Comment by TL Winslow (21344)
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It was Pres. Nixon who said in 1970: "We share a 2,000-mile common border, one of the longest in the world. That border we can say today is not a wall that divides us, but a bridge of friendship which unites us".

Too bad, his Republican Party of Lincoln turned into the equivalent of white flight to the suburbs in the Reagan-Bush era, and now is the main obstacle to finally ending the 1848 Apartheid that stole half of Mexico then sealed off the other half in pure naked proud white racism, creating a sawed-off country eternally doomed to subsistence level agriculture and yes, piracy and border crime to survive.

The modern way to disguise the 160-year apartheid is to call Mexicans "illegal aliens", and treat them like criminals when we all know it's a racial thing, don't we? Like if the southern neighbor were Canada we'd get all that worked up, wink? Now that we chucked racism enough to elect Barack Obama, it's time to finally go back to the principles of the party of Lincoln and help the Congress unite to invite the Mexican people to dissolve their cruddy corrupt fatcat and cartel controlled govt. and join the U.S. as the "51st state".

Take the time to read my well thought-out online article by Googling "Megamerge Dissolution Solution".

Comment by Lola Flores (20562)
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 The poor Mexicans!  If the US farts, they have to smell it and like it.