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Healthcare advocates start to wear guns

• East Valley Tribune
[sweet!] One counterprotester, the only one within shouting distance, would only give his first name as he stood alone, wearing a Yankee baseball team shirt, a handgun on his hip, holding a contrary sign.  

TEA Party members railed against proposed health care reforms Saturday at a busy intersection in Scottsdale.

They came from all over that morning, thinly crowded on the four corners of Scottsdale and Camelback roads.


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Comment by PureTrust
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Health care is first about health, second about financing it. If you check around, you will see that the HEALTH quality in health care is not really working. There are places in third world countries where those people exercise common-sense hygiene, and live as healthy or healthier than we do with all our health care. So, when you add in the financing of health care, and compare it to the received benefits of health care, why do we even want health care? Let's drop it, save money, use good hygiene, and probably get healthier as a result.

Comment by wardog911
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Red that is a stupid comment. No one should ever advocate the shooting of another over some thing as important as free speech. Debate over any thing can be civil if both parties are armed. The key is to know who will shoot first.

Comment by Lucky Red
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 Oh, wow!  How very courageous of them!  I can't wait till they start to shoot them too...hopefully, it will be against each other...while the rest of us laugh!

Comment by foundZero
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Pretty cool article. It shows the health care debate as being more nuanced than "Nobama". And I kind of like these "gunpowder democrats". Makes me think of the old line:

What if they had a democracy and EVERYBODY showed up?

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