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Cops are here to keep us safe

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Cops are here to keep us safe by killing 10-year-old kids on bicycles while tearing down the road at at 30 mph over the posted speed limit with no lights and no sirens on.

If you or I slammed into a 10 year old on a bicycle while doing 70mph in a 40mph zone on a major thoroughfare like Belt Line, we’d be crucified in the press and locked away for years on a vehicular homicide charge. But since Senior Corporal Michael Vaughn is a cop, even though he admittedly violated established policies for safe driving and killed a 10-year-old child through his recklessness, he gets Internally Investigated and given a one day vacation from his job.

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Comment by Beau Sudduth (23167)
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 You can pin the imputed authority and power of the State on the Uniform but you cannot put any common sense or wisdom in the person who walks around in it.   A Dolt becomes a Dangerous Dolt and the State turns a blind eye tward those who are one of their number.  The Officer should pay the price for his lack of discression.  Same as anybody else.  If you are a Politician or Civil Servant, the rules do not apply.  Those who are amoung this "Elite" live outside the the law.   I thought killing Children was not yet acceptable practice in America except in Abortion Clinics.   Yes we are "evolving", but not into a better race.  We are moving closer to total Depravity.  I am not given to think of it as "Progress" or advancement as a Society when people can kill without penalty but it is evidence of our vanity, dupliciity, subversion and denial of  basic truth.  There is no limit we cannot overcome in the effort to side step accountability in America today.  President Bill Clinton foremost and many other "Leaders" have demonstrated it for us and now it is costing us the lives of our Children and destroying our Nation.    Way to go Bill,  somebody needed to stand up and support the practice of Bald Faced lying.  Some still think you were a great man.  Oh, I forgot.... you are evolving too  along with the BAR association.... That must make everything ok..

Comment by Ed Price (10621)
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Most laws, including DUI laws, are bad for the people. Here's why. 

Most laws, including DUI laws, are redundant. That is, they repeat in some fashion, laws that are much stronger, while taking away freedom that would not be taken away if the stronger, original laws were used instead. For example: 

If somebody can drink a gallon of 100 proof in 5 minutes, hop in his car and drive, and harm nobody, and if he can do this every time because his physical makeup allows it, his freedom is taken away for nothing by DUI laws.

But, if he CAN'T drive safely under such an influence as detailed above, DUI laws only serve to limit him in as much as they can be enforced. Enforcement is never strong enough. And, as we see in this article, enforcement of laws is becoming more dangerous than breaking such laws. In other words, DUI laws don't really work well, and they tend to take away our freedom. 

HERE IS THE ANSWER! The older laws, the laws that have been around long before DUI laws, are, "But if there is serious injury, you are to take life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, burn for burn, wound for wound, bruise for bruise." 

If DUI laws were repealed, and the old laws enforced, the offender would be off the streets. He would be forced to pay for his crimes, debt for debt, and/or executed. People would see and fear. They would regulate their lives... or they would be GONE. And, we would have freedom to do the things we can manage in life - freedoom to drink responsibly, use drugs responsibly, or do anything else responsibly, without intrusion into our lives. If we did not take responsibility for our actions, we would be enslaved, paying off a debt for wrong use of our freedom, or else we would be executed for killing somebody by misuse of our freedom. 

People would learn to live right, paying off debts for misuse of freedom, or they would be GONE. 

We would not have Government encroaching on our freedom. 

You can't have freedom and at the same time legislate a free people into NOT having freedom. You either have freedom or you don't have it. 


Comment by Found Zero (11589)
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Hello negligent homicide? Hello vehicular manslaughter?

Comment by mel fromtexas (23690)
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I remember years ago seeing "cops" on TV for the first time and commented that it was just wrong. I was not politically awakened, or even remotely in tune with the fascist movement being imposed on the American people. As  I watched others being "entertained" I wondered if there was something wrong in my thinking. Maybe crashing down doors and beating up innocent citizens really was "funny" and I just didn't get the joke.  No, I was right then, and I am right now; they are criminals against human dignity, no-neck neanderthals serving the fascists. It is totally unacceptable how the laws are different for cops than for the rest of us. Maybe I am misguided but it is hard to see how killing kids and tazing elderly people makes me for a safer society. These repulsive pieces-of shit should be required to walk the beat with a night stick.

Comment by Morpheus Titania (1068)
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I am sure he feels horrible.  I am sure not nearly as bad as the parent who lost their child or he would feel more horrible in the same prison cell as the someone who doesn't work for the government who did the same thing and is not doing 10 years for it.  These cops are EVIL and get away with MURDER!

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