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Thoughts on the Antichrist

• arclein
Recall the bright young boys in the Hitler youth who freely sacrificed their lives in the dying year of the Second War never breaking faith with their fuehrer. We know that if you are properly indoctrinated as a child that this is the natural outcome. The majority will never rise above this.

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Comment by Anonymous
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 What a great point!

If we could just reeducate or eliminate all of the Muslims, then we can get rid of Islam!

Wow.  Never heard that before!

Comment by TL Winslow
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The more you learn about the hate-filled Borg cult of Islam and its horrible 1400-year history, the more you will hate and fear it, not individual Muslims, but Islam itself, which made them victims and wants to victimize you next. As the world shrinks and one quarter of its pop. is Islamic, to remain an Islam history ignoramus gets more dangerous daily. Go to school online free with the Historyscoper and learn all the key facts about Islam to arm your mind with knowledge to understand current events. To get started click 

Comment by Anonymous
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 This is the most bullshi* article arclein has written yet.

Even if everything he is saying about the Islamic faith itself is true, it is a logical fallacy to believe you can extrapolate from a large population and apply to the individual.

This means that contrary to arclein's premise there are a shi*load of individual muslims out there who just want to be left alone just like everyone else on the planet.

arclein, why don't you just call jews vermin, pack it in, call it a day, go home and have a nice weekend.