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Needy Arizona children to lose health care, medicine coverage

• by Alia Beard Rau, The Arizona Republic
This summer, Arizona will become the only state in the nation that doesn't provide health-care coverage under a federal program to insure children of the working poor. State lawmakers last week eliminated Kids- Care, which serves nearly 39,000 children through age 18, through budget-balancing measures. The program cost the state $18 million a year, and federal funds covered $56 million. The program will end June 15.

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Comment by Paul The cab driver
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In the middle of the article is a statement by  Gaites Klein, a 13 year old cancer survivor who was covered by this program.  He said, "I challenge politicians to take one day out of their busy, busy lives trying to push bills that hurt people and go up to the pediatric intensive-care unit and sit with the parents, the kids and the doctors," he said. "See all that goes on and tell me these kids should not be saved."Oh God, no!  Please, whatever you do, don't let them take us back to the bad old days before 1998 when this program came in! Remember those bad old days?  People had kids without health care.  they would get cancer, or rickets, or hangnails, and there was nothing that could be done.  so we brought them out into the desert to feed them to the wolves.  It was the only merciful thing to do.  Besides, it made the wolves and the environmentalists happy.


No one is going to die because of the elimination of this program. In fact, it is good news because the savings from this program can be passed onto the taxpayers, thus making health coverage more affordable.  This is a step in the right direction.  Now all we have to do is eliminate about 650 more programs and government agencies.  When the government is gone, then we will finally be able to afford to raise our kids.