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Testing The Goods: The Bobble Self-Filtering Water Bottle

• Jacob Ward via PopSci
Americans blow $17 billion a year on water, the creators of the Bobble will have you know, and 1.5 million barrels of oil go to making the plastic bottles from which we consume it. The Bobble is the solution — a reusable bottle with a filter built right in.

What’s New

The idea is brilliant. Fill your Bobble from any tap, and you have clean, free, guiltless drinking water. The filter is made of activated charcoal (the same super-absorptive stuff that goes in your shoe inserts and filters your aquarium’s water) hit with a slight electro-positive charge, which grabs onto any impurities which threaten to taint your refreshment. As you take a pull from the bottle, the water passing through the filter leaves chlorine, hard metals and other odd tastes behind.

What’s Good

The plastic bottle itself is made from recycled materials, and is BPA-free. It reduces anxiety further by coming in a pleasing, easy-to-grasp shape, and it’s small enough to stash in any shoulder bag or purse. And at $9.95 for a suggested 40 gallons of use, it’s as cheap as any non-filtering bottle you might be tempted to buy.

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The bottle does not filter out flouride.