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VIDEO-You WILL Be KILLED If You Don't Agree With Cutting Carbon Emissions

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      It is an OMINOUS VIDEO IN THE HIGHEST DEGREE OF PROHIBITED YELLOW JOURNALISM! The School of  Journalism where I spent quite a number of years both in the academe and in the practice of this noble calling, prohibits communication to the general public in blood or in describing in details brains scattering against the wall or pavement in the scene of the accident or crime after the head is blown up to pieces.

     In this gory video made and presented to the public by anti-environmentalist loonies, anyone who disagrees to reduce carbon emissions by 10% is blown up into pieces. Remotely controlled bomb-detonated bodies of those who disagree explode into a bloody mess ad nauseam right there in a situational setting where the “lecture” is taking place, either inside a conference room, in the studio cubicle or even in an open football field. Nonconformists are politely assured of their freedom of choice – before they push the button and off they go to kingdom come!

      First point for me to bring up here is this:  Many terrified viewers of this satanic video are confused. They don’t know whether the video was clandestinely made against or in favor of environmentalists. Of course the video is designed to spite environmentalists, ecologists and naturalists. If you disagree with the latter’s worldwide crusade to cut down carbon emission at least by 10%, you are a dead cucumber. Who would picture the likes of Bill Gates, Al Gore or Frosty Woodridge like the devil they are, but those who laugh at their environmental paranoia?

      Gates dream of poison vaccination to reduce world population by at least 10%; Woodridge advocates the Malthusian theory of infanticide and murder to stop the exponential increase of mankind on earth before the world ends up via population explosion, and Gore is having a sore throat and now running out of gas telling people to go to hell because nobody believes him that the problem of the century is the human abuse of the ozone layers up there in cloud nine.

         The second important point I want to bring up here is that the midterm election is just in the corner, and with this video, candidates who run on the issue of the threat to our environment have a gun pointed at the back of their head.  Here, the situation portrayed in the video is reversed – the electorate has the finger on the button to blow them up to smithereens!