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Another E. Coli outbreak. This time it’s Organic ground beef, or is it?

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We at The Hals Report find this story specifically interesting because the beef in question is organic. The food safety modernization act which has been making it’s way through congress (the bill was originally shut down, but then it was renamed and tacked onto another bill only to be reintroduced) is a bill which deals with food safety in America. Many people believe the bill would put unneeded pressure on small and organic farms.

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 Ok ecoli –big deal—the question in my mind is where was this meat processed??? no one said anything in regard to the facility where this meat was processed had come into contact with other beef—which I am sure it would have –working in a slaughter house at one time– then the question arises on the sanitization of the plant not the beef–I did not see anything here listing the slaughterhouse?? so i find this more sensational then fact—who did this report why was this not also mentioned? so you can see it stinks of controversy and a reason to cause things to be said and done unnecessarily