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What I've Seen (Of Note) So Far On 'The Tucson Event'

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Miniature altar with human skull replica in backyard tent at Jared Lee Loughner's home. (photo couresty
Ok, first off, I saw this article on referred to me by person or persons unknown because when I went to publish it here, I couldn't find my bookmark. It took me FOREVER to try and find it on because there's so much CRAP being generated that isn't NEWS other than new information about the lives of the victims, and demonization of the perpetrator - along with all the finger-pointing and name-calling - that I never did find it there.   I gave up, and started going through the history of my browser, and finally found it.  It is also the article you go to when you click on 'read more' below - mainly because it had more raw information than any other I had seen:
Next, there's this latest from the that really caught my eye - seen on
Yesterday, I called my friend Gilbert in Tucson, and he says the local news was clamped down hard on any information, and he was hard pressed to tell me anything I didn't already know.   Chrisinmaryville at RTR.ORG had this to say about people he knows in Tucson on his Blog:
Lastly, there's a video I saw on RTR.ORG (thanks to MrXstacey):
That's my report for Monday - I'll relay anything else that comes along as usual.

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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Wow, a Mexican Day of the Dead shrine in a Tucson backyard . . . how unusual.   Oh, I'm sorry, how chilling.