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Response to shooting: Looser gun laws?

• Salon

Less than 10 days after the mass shooting in Tucson that killed six and left a congresswoman in critical condition, the briefly revived gun control conversation -- such as it was -- already appears to be over

That fact is striking in itself, and it's in line with what I described last week as a moribund gun control movement.


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Comment by Channels Patrick Hen
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How can anyone be surprised? The 2nd Amendment people have been given a great piece of evidence that gun control only works one way: against us. With no instance afforded for legal concealed carriers to stop this murderous wretch, the clear understanding in the eyes of the public - in spite of MSM's best planning and efforts - is now the exact opposite of what MSM sought to suggest. Despite the best efforts of the government to prove the value of gun control, a dangerous person still managed to get one - and government did nothing to protect us. The government will, of course, counter with, "what could we have done about it?" And we will stand, facing them silently - arms crossed, heads nodding... What indeed? 

Comment by Anonymous
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It is an inargueable fact that if someone else there had been armed there might not have been so many shot, and this scumbag might not be waiting in jail for trial and whatever - at the tax payers expense.  We have become too dependent on others, the Government in particular, to protect us, and we have far too much faith in the goodness of our fellow man.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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