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L.A. Teen Charged With “Attempted Lynching” Now Raided by Police

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Jeremy Marks, 18, was arrested and bizarrely charged with “attempted lynching” last May after an altercation another youth had with a campus police officer in Los Angeles. Marks was among several students who watched Officer Erin Robles get into a physical confrontation with another students in front of a bus stop. L.A. Weekly, which first reported on Marks’ case, says according to video and other witnesses, Marks doesn’t appear to have participated in the altercation in any way, other than to observe and record it.

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Comment by tittiger
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There is a reason for the 2nd amendment and it is not to hunt deer.

It is as Jefferson said “to water the tree of liberty” – to defend against thugs like the ones described in this article. Perhaps if some of these goons died when they were raping citizens they might have second thoughts about the crimes they currently commit with impunity.

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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Jeremy Marks spent seven months in jail for videotaping police