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Phoenix PD: Kidnapping statistics were wrong

• ABC News
The inaccurate numbers have also opened Phoenix police to a federal probe. Federal officials confirmed to ABC15 that the Department of Justice Office of Inspector General is auditing the police department's statistics to determine if inflated statistics were used to obtain millions of dollars in federal grants.

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Comment by Temper Bay
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Still believe in the honesty and integrity of your police department??????

If they'll lie to get Fed money what makes you think they won't lie to put you in prison?

Comment by Powell Gammill
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It is interesting where her name shows up:

Comment by Powell Gammill
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The insinuation that was going to broadcast tonight was the Phoenix PD deliberately inflated kidnapping figures to gain grant money.  An interview with Lt. Laurel Burgett was to be played on tonights part three on this story was stopped at the last minute after Burgett slammed ABC with a cease and desist order.  How the hell that stops the media or that a judge would sign that is interesting.  Here is the grant she is involved with.

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