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Police officer seeks criminal charges against woman who videotaped police beating


A police officer from Springfield, Massachusetts has filed an application for a criminal complaint against a woman who recorded his fellow officer beating a black suspect while he stood by, according to The Republican.

In November 2009, Tyrisha Greene made a 20-minute recording of now-retired Springfield patrolman Jeffrey M. Asher repeatedly beating Melvin Jones III with a flashlight during a traffic stop. The recording shows a group of other officers standing around Jones without intervening.

Jones was partially blinded in one eye from the attack, and had bones all over his face broken. The officers claimed that Jones grabbed one of their guns as they tried to arrest him and that Asher struck Jones with his flashlight in order to "disorientate him."

But a grand jury rejected that claim, finding no evidence that Jones behaved aggressively towards them.


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Comment by David Jackson
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   I'm not surprised. That it happened in Massachusetts leaves not sur[rised, twice.

   Does anyone really find it curious that cops - all over the country - whine like a girl (no offense imtended, ladies) when they are caught making the asses of themselves that so many of them are or violating the most basic of legal and human rights of this or that citizen? Criminals of every ilk are the first to avail themselves of whatever social or legal "protection" the perceive as available, when they are caught doing the crap that ALL OF THEM DO.

   I've long advocated for a "Ciivilian Intelligence Agency " (CIA) that would do nothing but follow politicians and their stooges around, making audio and video recordings of their escalating abuses. (It would be dangerous; the liklihood of being  beaten, arrested, murdered, or having your life ruined by some group of petty functionaries would be enormous and ever-present.)

   Let's not forget the arrogant, racist, elitist history of Massachuetts. And, let's not for a second imagine that they have outgrown or evolved beyond it...The state's history and present "attitude" are proof that the past 500 years have taught the slugs who live in and run the very common commonwealth absolutely nothing of moral or social value.

   To view what the "crimminal justice system" really amounts to, keep an eye on whether or not this BS is allowed to enter the court ssytem.


Comment by stupidamerkin
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 Comment by: tittiger (#29500)
   Entered on: 2011-08-11 17:57:14

 Why  not turn this around? This should be about sending every MF'ing pig that was there to jail for a hell of
a long time. Suing them civilly for them homes and their pensions down to their freaking underwear.

Response: Not only go after these Nazis, but also the sick twisted bastards who hired and trained them as well as those who continue to turn their head and look the other way.

Comment by stupidamerkin
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 It's out of control. These NAZI brain dead, sick, twisted bastards are no better then the evil sick japs back in the plundering days of the 30's

Just a month ago while attending a dog and pony show, (court hearing for a friend) one of the Nazi guards with a gun and badge directly told me that he didn't give a shit about all these conspiracy theroies or the Constitution. All he cared about was getting his pay check and spending time with his family. Word for word.

No different then the NAZI who would spend his working day at the death camps killing, murdering, torturing, thousands daily, men, women and children & babies, and then go home that night to sit down and have dinner with his family.


God help us all because it sure isn't man, (monster) that is going to save our rearend in this picture.

Comment by Hawkeye
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American cops have become the most disgusting,Nazi like pieces of crap on the face of the earth.

American cop are so inept four of them can not subdue on mentally handicapped man....they have to beat him to DEATH with clubs.

They must LIE to their Children when they tell them of the future they are building for them....these people are very,very sick indeed.

Such low life pus sucking aliens live next door to someone.If it is you! maybe you better build a charged fence for your own safety.

Comment by tittiger
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 Why  not turn this around? This should be about sending every MF'ing pig that was there to jail for a hell of
a long time. Suing them civilly for them homes and their pensions down to their freaking underwear.

These stories remind me of Larkin Roses article
When to shoot a cop:


Comment by PureTrust
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Aren't laws about photographing someone, and then publishing the photographs without that person's consent, based on 4th Amendment privacy rights?

When a police officer dons his uniform and clocks in for his work shift, hasn't he just stepped out of privacy into public? Aren't all public Government officials no longer under privacy with regard to the operation of their particular office, simply because it is a public office?

If John Smith anybody clocks in at Wal-Mart or some other private company, he is not acting in a public capacity. So his 4th Amendment privacy remains intact. But not so for public officials who are in the public when on the job. Public isn't private.