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Texas Ranger says polygamist ranch raid vindicated

• AP
Investigators made no mention of child sex tapes, or seized photos of polygamist leader Warren Jeffs kissing young girls, after their April 2008 raid on the sect's remote Texas compound. Instead, the public saw the televised spectacle of more than 400 children being bused from the ranch over an abuse hotline call that proved to be bogus.

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Comment by Anonymous
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This convicted snake sentenced to life imprisonment is no polygamist … he is a mad sexual maniac preying on young girls who are barely at the age of puberty. He should have gotten the lethal injection, and his body fed to worms.

The most aggravating circumstances of the crime committed were sexual intercourse with a child in puberty who perhaps is just having her first menstruation, and getting that child pregnant – and for heavens’ sake, in the name of God [!!!], aside from his "church’s" religious orchestration of a demonic deception in the guise of marriage or holy matrimony thereby fooling the public completely.

By the way, the raid led by this Texas Ranger, was not enough. After the sexually abused children are returned to their parents, the raiders should have burned down the whole place, including all the premises appurtenant thereto. For, this ad nauseam crime against humanity, deserved more than just a "sledge-hammer".

For any Jedi to say that the capture of this sexually-crazed two-legged monster and the raid of his lair or religious burrow -- where he nest his young captives in the name of God --were violations of the "constitutional rights of a peaceful people" [???] – why, that Jedi must be not only out of his mind but indeed, had just landed from another planet!

Comment by Temper Bay
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 Texas Ranger says polygamist ranch raid vindicated

Not hardly.  To get a piss-ant they used a sledge-hammer, and in doing so terrified and tramuatized children and ground the constitutional rights of a peaceful people into the mud.