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Judge: Anthony must serve check fraud probation

• AP
Casey Anthony must return to Orlando within two weeks to serve a year's probation for check fraud, a Florida judge ruled Thursday.....
Anthony's attorneys had argued that she served her probation while in jail awaiting trial in her murder case and requiring her to do so again would be double jeopardy. They also argued that her life would be in danger if her location were known, given that she has received death threats. ...

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Comment by Anonymous
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 Powell: With all respect I don't think you have it correct. Anthony was not found "not guilty" on all charges in the case involving her daughter. She was found "guilty" on some and was sentenced accordingly. She was given credit for time served, of course, and eventually released after the conclusion of that sentence. The probation term was imposed years before after she pled "guilty" to a wholly separate set of crimes (involving stealing and passing stolen checks). The sentencing in that case took place while she was being held non-bondable (or for very high bond) in the case that eventually went to trial. The sentencing judge in the check case who imposed probation clearly meant for the probation to run after release, but a screw up made by the clerk omitted the "upon release" term from the written order resulting from that hearing. The probation department acted in accordance with the screwed up order. The judge who ruled today followed Florida law which pretty clearly states that in such cases it is the intent of the sentencing judge, not he language of the screwed up order, which controls. Anthony is not prejudiced since this was the sentence she agreed to when she pled anyway and had no reason to think anything else would happen at that time.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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So let me see if I have this straight.

Casey Anthony is convicted of check fraud.  She gets a one year sentence of probation.  The judge who ran this trial recused himself and passed the probation conditions along to the judge running her murder trial. 

A woman eventually found innocent of murder by a jury then spends over a year in prison awaiting trial.  She is found "not guilty."  And the same judge from this trial instead of recusing himself for possibly being pissed she was found not guilty by a jury he voir dired and a trial he managed says, oh, so sorry, you still OWE US a year of probation.  Your time in prison doesn't count bitch!

So you better come back to this state right quick despite fleeing as soon as the murder trial was over because your life genuinely is in danger.  Don't worry we won't (maybe) release your address....

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