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Devvy: My Fight Against The Smart Meter

"Those wireless meters on every home and building will emit huge pulses of microwave radio frequency radiation as often as every few seconds throughout the day and night, seven days a week. Our FCC exposure standards only cover short-term thermal (heating) effects; they do not cover long-term accumulative exposure, nor do they cover biological impacts." "The World Health Organization has recently classified the type of radiation emitted from smart meters (non-ionizing radiation) as a Class 2B carcinogen, on par with lead." "All transmitters inside your home or office will communicate with a Smart Meter attached to the outside of each building. That meter, in turn, will transmit at an even higher frequency to a central hub installed in local neighborhoods." "In what are called “mesh networks,” signals can also be bounced from house-meter to house-meter before reaching the final hub. So exposures will not just be from your own meter, but accumulating from possibly 100-to-500 of your neighbors’ as well." "The scientific evidence for biological impacts from microwave radiation, known for decades (remember the Moscow embassy) continues to grow with impacts such as DNA damage, increased risk of cancers and tumors, cellular stress, decreased melatonin, decreased sperm, cognitive difficulties and brain-wave alteration, heart rhythm disturbances, red blood cell clumping, and impacts on wildlife including to bees." "Wireless radio-frequency radiation from smart meters can cause medical devices to stop working. Medical implants such as pacemakers and deep-brain stimulators used to control the shaking of Parkinson’s disease can be turned off by the radio frequency interference (RFI) caused by the signal. These signals are reported in published studies to interfere with critical care equipment, ventilators, pain pumps, wireless insulin pumps and other medical devices." "Reports from those who have had meters installed include heart palpitations, dizziness, inability to fall asleep, memory problems and cognitive disturbances, flu-like symptoms, worsening of existing health problems, abrupt depression, agitation, headaches, hearing problems." "Radio frequency interference causing malfunctioning of medical equipment such as pacemakers and wireless insulin pumps" "Radio-frequency spikes, causing appliances to break" "Health effects like migraines, nausea, vomiting, muscle spasms, heart palpitations and sleeplessness caused by intense bursts of radiation."

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Wow! I just went outside to look at the sky and again as yesterday they have been Chemtrailing us here is S. CA again. The second thing that happened was there was the electric company guy putting those new Smart Meters on houses without the permission of the home owner. I got into a heated exchange with him about it and all he could come up with was that he knew a few things about these new meters and the disagreements about them being forced on the public, but all he could say was that his wife just had a new baby by C-section and he has to have a job. That goes along with this story about the ideals of this bitch Audrey Tomason and Obama and those behind closed doors that were not elected to public office that determines that life or death of millions of others for their devilish agenda. Nothing would happen if those that went out and did the atrocities didn't pick up those weapons or drop those bombs. Those people along with those idiots in DC and other governments are the problem. Stop the helpers and all of this would come to and end. All of the worlds tyrants didn't lift a finger to point a gun at the millions that were killed under their names, so it could also be that no one should have to die if we could get these enablers to not do the bidding of these devils in public office.

Also, I told this guy not to put one on my house. He then told me that the electric company owned the meter and that if I didn't allow for them to put the new meter on then I would have to go out and buy solar for my home. I wonder just how long I can last before this shit hits the fan. They are making it mandatory and then of course a great necessity for the survival of life as we know it. Are there any of you others out there that will buck the system with me even if it means that you have to go through some great discomfort in your life? Certainly it won't be this employee of the electric company and all those others that do it for those 30 pieces of silver.

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