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First Circuit Panel Says There’s a Clear Constitutional Right To Openly Record Cops.

• The Agitator
 The First Amendment issue here is, as the parties frame it, fairly narrow: is there a constitutionally protected right to videotape police carrying out their duties in public? Basic First Amendment principles, along with case law from this and other circuits, answer that question unambiguously in the affirmative.

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Comment by David Jackson
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    Of course there is! Tell it to the cop who beats the crap out of you. Tell is to the surgeon who saves your life in the aftermath. Tell it to the prosecutor who returns your grand jury 'bill". Tell it to the judge who sides with the gestapo goon who beat you. But don't ever forget, you had the "right".

    You also have the right to defend yourself against police violence: Good luck with that!

    We have the rights that the people who are supposed to "protect and serve" us are willing to enforce - No More! No Less!

Comment by PureTrust
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This decision shows the nature of judges. Judges are people.

Lately, a few lower court judges have been muscled up by police while simply living their lives in public.

The Quartzsite Justice who ruled in favor of the unlawful activities of the Quartzsite police chief and certain council members, may have done so out of fear of reprisal.

Wasn't it just last year that Sheriff Arpaio ordered one of his officers to resist a court order?

Some judges may be on the no-fly lists. The TSA has hampered Government officials with its police-like actions at times.

So you see, the judges are simply protecting themselves with this ruling. Stop the police before they get to the the judges.

Now that we understand this, what can we do to use the judges' fears in other areas of our lives. Remember, judges didn't get to their position because they were stupid. These people are very smart, often very shrewd, wise now and again. And, they are people.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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