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ACLU sues Baltimore police for deleting videos off cell phone

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The American Civil Liberties Union of Maryland (ACLU) on Wednesday filed a lawsuit against the Baltimore City Police Department on behalf a man whose personal videos were deleted after he filmed officers subduing and arresting a woman.

“Police officers doing their jobs in a public place are accountable to the public they serve, and camera phones have become an important accountability tool,”

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Comment by David Jackson
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   As much as I wouldn't give the smarmy derelicts of the ACLU the time of day, it's nice to see that they've finally come out of hiding. (One wonders why they chose this case.)

   Does anyone remember when so-called "authority figures" actually "kissed" us, before the bent us over?

   I'm telling you the way it is: Until there is accountability enforced and responsibility assigned, we are all at the mercy of a "criminal justice system" that is incompetent and corrupt to the extent of being openly disfunctional!


Comment by Powell Gammill
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