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Dennis Kucinich: "It's Not a Radical Position" to Want Pot Legalized

• caught up with Kucinich at Seattle's 2011 Hempfest, where he spoke with Nick Gillespie about growing political support for marijuana legalization and the need for citizens to speak up frankly about their drug use. "The cost of enforcing these laws is prohibitive," says Kucinich, who says "libertarians on both sides of the aisle" are gaining ground in Congress and among the electorate at large. "The American people are mature enough to make their own decisions."

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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What about meth, crack and smack Dennis?  Or do we need government permission to get those into our own bodies too?

Comment by Ed Price
Entered on:

Total B*** S***!

I don't smoke pot. Heck, I don't even know the correct terminology. So, ignore me.

The points is this. The American dream was built on the idea of freedom. And freedom means the right to do anything you want as long as you don't infringe on the rights of others. But, if you infringe, you bear the punishment!

If I smoke a little pot, I don't hurt anyone. If I smoke a little pot every day of my life, I don't hurt anyone.

Do you know when I hurt someone? I hurt someone when I hurt someone.That's it. Period. That's the ONLY time I hurt someone.

Now here's the clincher. Government hurts me by legalizing something that they don't have the right to make illegal. They hurt me first by making it illegal. Then they hurt me by taking away my freedom by saying that, now, it is legal.

S***, it always was a right. It has nothing to do with legal or illegal. IT IS MY RIGHT!!!

IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN MY RIGHT! But they hurt me by limiting my right. Legalization might allow me the exercise of what was always my right, but it is just another sneaky Governmental control, taking away from me the free exercise of what has always been MY RIGHT!

Now, since Government is hurting me by taking away my freedom and by limiting what is my right, shouldn't they be punished? What do YOU think?


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