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One-Eyed Cop In Fullerton Beating Death Emerging As "Very Scary Individual"

With his glaring glass eye and imposing presence, Fullerton Police Officer Jay Cicinelli walked up to Kelly Thomas after he had already been savagely beaten and dropped his knee on him.
The one-eyed police supervisor then began striking the mentally ill homeless man repeatedly with the butt of his Taser, concentrating on a front portion of Thomas’s face.
Witnesses say he did this with the cold precision of a surgeon.
That’s the story that was pieced together by citizen journalist George Hemminger in the above video after he spoke to numerous people who witnessed the July 5 police beating of the 37-year-old drifter.
Hemminger’s reenactment of the incident begins at 4:25 in the video.
“He proceeded similar to what a construction worker would proceed with hammering a hammer,” Hemminger demonstrated in the video.
“It’s very precisioned, very skillful, like he was trying to do damage to a certain part of the face.”
And that report coincides with the allegations made by an anonymous Fullerton police insider on a local radio show last week, who was describing what he had seen on the surveillance video footage.
The anonymous caller said Cicinelli’s blows were so hard, blood came gushing out all over the arms of one of the officers trying to handcuff Thomas.
The caller also claimed that Cicinelli later bragged about his exploits in the police locker room, which turned several officers off, including some who were already unhappy with his “heavy-handed” tactics.
Officials have confirmed Cicinelli was involved in the incident but have offered no other details.

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Comment by Hawkeye
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Did his family see this? Let`s ask them what they thing about their Father,brother,uncle,what ever...let`s hear from his Kids.Let`s hear from their class mates.Let`s hear from his neighbors..ect.

Comment by Temper Bay
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Criminal cops like Cicinelli and the Fullerton Police Dept. are why we have a second amendment.  Too bad we've become a nation of cowards and no longer have the guts to use it.