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Police brutality- Black Friday 2011

This guy got slammed so hard he went straight out. Buckeye Arizona- Man put two games under his shirt because his grandson got knocked down and hurt in the rush and he needed his hands to help his grandson. A cop saw and immediately arrested him for shoplifting. The man was cooperating while the cop was putting on the handcuffs. The cop out of no where tripped the man and bashed his head nose first into the ground knocking him out and there is blood everywhere. The cop did not know how to care for the man so someone that was there shopping had to help get blood out the mans airways.

This was a K-9 cop already in a bad mood before this happened. "I got the walmart shift"

The video starts after he is already knocked out.

But then there are other opinions...

"If this many was truly innocent then the truth will ultimately come out."

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For those thinking about shoplifting this holiday season, maybe you should think twice!

Why is it that the perp was never trying to steal, it's was always some horrible misunderstanding and in the eyes of many in the crowd it is always the police who are wrong?
Crowds need to back off and let the police do a job that very few among us could or would do!
The jails are filled with men and women who proclaim their innocence but can they all really be innocent? If this many was truly innocent then the truth will ultimately come out.

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Comment by Hawkeye
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Cop`s are drugged during training at the academies.It would be impossible to find this many demonic people via a want ad for a cop job.

These people are not this sick on their own;I pray.

Is you Father one of them? How about your Mother? If so! you will be one screwed up Kid for sure...and you can thank you Father,or,Mother for it....Have a Nice Day.

Comment by stupidamerkin
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Unbelievable! Here these thugs with guns and badges slam this guy to the floor, he is bleeding all over knocked out and these bastards are putting hand cuffs on him? How friggin twisted and demented can these sick bastards with guns and badges get? This is when I would agree 100% with Larkin Rose, when do you shoot a cop. These thugs we call police officers are way out of control and over the top with a mind set that they can do what ever the hell they want with immunity. Even murder. We are for sure living in the Twilight Zone on Steroids. God help us all.