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Chinese Government Plans to Cause Ten Percent More Rain By 2015


China is already doing plenty of things to the atmosphere above it, but most changes are byproducts of the country’s marathon industrial revolution. Now China plans to make some purposeful atmospheric changes — namely making it rain, for the purpose of growing crops.

China is starting four regional programs to artificially increase precipitation across the country by 10 percent before 2015, under a newly released 12th Five-Year Plan (2011-2015), according to the state-run China Daily. “Weather intervention” could bring an additional 230 billion cubic meters of precipitation per year — that’s on top of the 50 billion China already artificially creates annually, China Daily says.

“Because clouds are boundless, weather control is boundless. The five regional weather control programs will coordinate the ground resources, such as the cloud seeding rockets and planes, across provinces to increase potential rain or snow,” said Zheng Jiangping, deputy director of the China Meteorological Administration’s department of emergency response.


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Comment by James Eldridge
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Here in the USA, these are called Chemtrails. They are used to keep the normal rainy season from occuring in California to cause a drought and raise the cost of drinking water or the use of water for any of the reasons needed. Yesterday, 12/13/2011, I could see at least 40 streaks across the sky along the coast in S. CA. Looking out toward the Pacific Ocean I could see normal clouds that were being kept from coming ashore by those Chemtrail spraying. The weather forecast said it was going to rain Monday and Tuesday. It rained Monday, but it was kept from raining on Tuesday. Why? Same reason they use food to control people. Without rain people cannot grow their own foods when the SHTF, and that is very soon to happen.

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