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Why Math Matters

• arclein
Drs. Eric Hanushek and Paul Peterson, senior fellows at the Hoover Institution, looked at the performance of our youngsters compared with their counterparts in other nations, in their Newsweek article, “Why Can’t American Students Compete?” (Aug. 28, 2011), reprinted under the title “Math Matters” in the Hoover Digest (2012). In the latest i

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Math is fun. Math is good. Math can be important when used to help your fellow man. All math is improperly understood.

Math is simply one of the methods people use to categorize - profile - nature. Math is man's language for interpreting and categorizing what he sees in nature, hopefully, so that he can better use nature for the things that he wants to use it for.

Math, itself, does not exist in nature. Math is only a language of nature interpretation, invented and used by man.

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