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This Video Will Stop You From Using Your Phone While Driving

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Comment by Ufactdirt
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 You mean this is a guided-missile report -- a "doctored" video reporting?

Comment by panocha
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Ohmmm... yes. We don't even know WHERE, WHEN or WHY this happened! It is a BAD video reporting!

Comment by Anonymous75
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You are right, JV. Ernest Hancock is not a reporter ... He is is a propagandist! A propagandist trying to become a reporter is dangerous, in my opinion. The reporter reports facts as they occur, a propagandist writes a fiction or propaganda out of the facts that occurred. This mind-twisting propaganda video is a good example of what I am saying right now.

Comment by Joseph Vanderville
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Most LIKELY, this will happen if you are texting or on the phone while driving. But it is NOT likely, that the cause of this terrible accident was texting or talking over the phone while driving.

The same accident may occur if you are making love while driving, or while sleeping on the wheel, or speeding recklessly when the road is icy or slippery. There is a number of reasons that could have caused this accident. The reporter could have been more discreet in writing down a more informative report, instead of writing down only his own bias against the use of texting or phone while driving. If the reporter of this accident is my journalism class, I would have given him a failing grade with an advice to quit Journalism because he/she is in the wrong trade.

Comment by Ernest Hancock
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Ahhhh... So?

I thought it just as likely that the driver was distracted by a Highway Patrolman behind them. But this sort of 'drifting' has happened to everyone I know that has regularly used their phones while driving and this demonstrated how easy it would be to lose control with a dramatic and tragic outcome. I made an effort to share this with everyone in my family.

I have been admonished by others for using my phone while driving and have made an effort to not do so. I'm not perfect but this video has increased my awareness even more.

The "summary Quote" was from one of the sites that featured this clip (that was first shown to me by my Son-in-Law) and I saw NO REASON to "research" the validity of the quote or where it was from for the effectiveness of the message.

I did notice that a multi-lane highway had no median barrier but that isn't that uncommon in the United States on some state highways.

Soooooo, instead of advocating the passage of a "Law", I just bring attention to such things in hopes of having a beneficial impact on people's lives.... what was your motivation for your comment?

Comment by WK Hu
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No, dorkenstein, this took place in Russia, with no evidence of texting given whatsoever. Get your facts straight. 

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