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Prescription Drug Vending Machines Coming To U.S

•, Anthony Gucciardi
 Would you purchase prescription drugs from a vending machine? Thanks to a new move by the FDA to allow the public to diagnose themselves with conditions and purchase the appropriate pharmaceuticals from a vending machine, it may become a reality.  By simply visiting a ‘drug kiosk’ in a mall or drug store, you may soon be able to buy drugs that treat health conditions like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, asthma, and migraines.

Furthermore, it would be as simple as answering an online questionnaire at this kiosk to obtain drugs that currently require prescriptions. Prescription medications like antibiotics, which are currently being rampantly and unnecessarily given to patients on such a scale that they are majorly contributing to antibiotic-resistant diseases that medical professionals are currently concerned over.

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Comment by trevor
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Can't wait to see the first vending machine go to jail for medicating pain sufferers.