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Romney, Obama: Both Frauds

 Here is truth. The Federal Government spent $53 billion on health care in 1980.

Last year it spent $850 billion.

That's an approximately 9.3% annualized rate of increase.

That means government spending on health care (Medicare and Medicaid) doubles ever ~7.7 years.

If you are now 50, and not going to "lose anything" from current plans, you believe the Federal Government can spend close to $14 trillion 30 years from now when you're 80.

Note that the entire GDP of the country is $16 trillion.

Romney supports "no change" for current and near retirees. This plan says that we will spend that $16 trillion annually.

The moderator is braindead in that he has not asked Mittens how he's going to make that happen.

The simple fact of the matter is that the promise he's making cannot be kept.

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The title says it all. 

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