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Police Investigated After Unarmed Couple Killed In Hail Of 140 Bullets

• Jonathan Turley
Police are investigating a bizarre case of police panic where 115 police officers may have been involved in a car chase and mass shooting incident where two unarmed individuals were killed in a hail of 140 bullets in Cleveland. Police reports contained erroneous or false information on the scene that led to the deaths.

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Comment by PureTrust
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What gets me is this, from the article:

"Officer Michael Brelo reported that he saw 'the suspects moving and I could not understand why they are still moving, shooting at us. Even through Iraq, I never fired my weapon. I never have been so afraid in my life.'”

What is with the police? I mean, if Officer Brelo said he saw "the suspects moving and I could not understand why they are still moving, ..." it sounds to me like they had already been shot who knows how many times, were dead as dead can be, and Officer Brelo is on something like drugs or worse.

Perhaps it is time that the whole police operation throughout the whole country is investigated to see:
1. What kind of hypnotic training they undergo to make them so paranoid;
2. What is actually in the required immunization that they take to be part of a force;
3. If there are any special drugs that they are injected with that cause them to panic when the police radio sounds;
4. What's in the coffee that they drink at the police station;
5. And a whole lot more to find out if there is more to police panic than simple panic.