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Driving Volkswagen’s 261-MPG Diesel-Electric Supercar Spacepod

 Getting in requires opening gullwing doors and oh-so-carefully climbing over a wide carbon fiber sill before sliding into a carbon fiber seat with just enough upholstery to approximate comfort.

The interior is more of the same supercar aesthetic. There’s a small, race car-inspired steering wheel (yes, also carbon fiber) framing the usual gauges. The cabin is minimalist and confined, but strangely comforting. It isn’t until you start the car that you sense it’s not what you think. Press the “Engine Start” button and… nothing. There is no engine noise. No chimes or beeps or bongs. The only indication that it’s running is a brief flash of lights on the gauges, the sat-nav blinking on, and the climate fans starting to whir. That’s it.

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Yabut, they won't allow them in the States, because of the loss of fuel tax.

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