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Pot Activist Risking Life In Jail Says He's A Victim Of FBI Persecution

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Paul claims that rather than be booked for his crimes, he was taken into a room at the police station with an FBI officer named Phillip Christiana. The officer allegedly told him the charges would go away if he wore a wire to meetings of the Keene Activist Center (KAC), a libertarian club of which he was a member. Paul also claims that he was asked to entrap other members of the group in drug deals or even acts of violence — despite the group being explicitly non-violent and engaging only in civil disobedience.

An FBI spokesperson confirmed to Business Insider that an officer did discuss cooperation with Paul, but he refused to comment on investigations into the Keene Activist Center.  

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FYI: Paul was sentenced to 1 year in jail.  He has already spent 2 mo. in jail and so should be out in 7 more months.  Currently raising money for an appeal.