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I'm not voting anymore


I have been a libertarian for about two years now. I was introduced to libertarian thought by Ron Paul's 2012 campaign. After that whole debacle, I began to consider who I would vote for in 2016 when the time came. Since the 2012 elections, however, I have been doing a lot of thought about my philosophy. I have really delved into libertarian ideas such as the non-aggression principle, and my outlook on voting has completely changed. I will no longer be voting.

I believe there can be no moral justification for government. If we accept that people should never use violence except in cases of self-defense, then we can no longer justify government. Government requires violence to exist. Taxation is theft, etc. If the system you support does NOT require violence, then it is not government. Government is by definition violent.

Can we move past the idea that reforming our government could somehow work, or is even the morally right thing to do? It's a delusion.


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Yep.  You are wasting your time, when you "vote" for this, or that PRESELECTED Candidate, of either "party".  It's all ONE PARTY, in their "Just-us" system.   So, what can you, the individual DO, about all of our 'collectivist' problems?  Go here:

Anarchast with Luke Rudkowski: Being the change you wish to see



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