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Live: Police officers not guilty in killing of Kelly Thomas

• Los Angeles Times

An Orange County jury Monday found two former Fullerton police officers accused of killing a schizophrenic homeless man, Kelly Thomas, not guilty.

Manuel Ramos and Jay Cicinelli were charged with striking Kelly Thomas with a baton and a stun gun in a beating that left him comatose. He died five days later.

The jury took less than a full day of deliberation to reach the not-guilty verdicts.  ...

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Comment by J E Andreasen
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The contradistinction between these revolting bags of pus and a man like the late Jack McLamb is simply too much to stomach. 

If one of the fellow officers to these pukes had a sudden attack of conscience and blew their brains all over the asphalt to save Kelly Thomas (or any of the thousands like him), I would vote to acquit without a moment's pause. 

I know.  We have yet to reach the societal "tipping point", just yet. 

Soon.   Soon.

Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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I'm surprised these murders weren't promoted already. Not guilty? No surprise either.

"The power the judge and prosecutor has over the jury is in direct proportion to the jury's ignorance."

WAKE UP SHEEPLE. The jury box is the last thread of power we have left to get back on the right side of history unless you are ready for the ammo box.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Fullerton Cops Found Not Guilty in Beating Death of Homeless Mentally Ill Man ----------

Kelly Thomas Verdict: Support Your Local Police Uber Alles by William Norman Grigg

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