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Converting Sugar to Energy Could Power Smartphones of the Future


Biobatteries are energy storing devices powered by organic compounds, typically glucose, because the breakdown of glucose in the body results in the release of protons and electrons. However, these batteries cannot wield large amounts of power. Now, researchers at Virginia Tech have taken the development to the next level.

Percival Zhang and Zhiguang Zhu conducted a study in which they designed a new biobattery with a greater output per weight than the average lithium-ion battery.

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Comment by Ed Price
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I might add, have you ever noticed that sometimes you headache gets better after a pull on your favorite bottle of booze?

Comment by Ed Price
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Actually, there are almost limitless ways to design and build sugars. And many of these are similar in makeup to alcohols - both sugar and alcohol are made of hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen. So, why not power off sugars? Or, we could power off aspirin, which is made up of the same 3 elements, as well.

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