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Koenigsegg pushes the supercar envelope with 1-megawatt One:1

•, By C.C. Weiss
 It also gives the car its name: One:1. That's one horse for every kilo, or close enough to round up without thinking twice. Starting with the already ultra powerful, lightweight Agera, Koenigsegg reached deep into its bag of tricks to strip more weight, add more downforce and create one of the world's most extreme machines.
The One:1 is a sort of 20th birthday celebration for Koenigsegg. Back in 1994, when Swedish sensation Ace of Base was taking the world by storm, a bright eyed 22-year-old named Christian von Koenigsegg decided to follow a dream that would eventually make him a Swedish sensation in his own right. He set out to start a car company and design an exotic sports car. It's a dream that many a child has had, but not many adults have pursued. Koenigsegg drew from his well of passion and "mind-bending will" to go beyond just seeing it through, growing and evolving the dream for the next two decades – from the original CC8S, to the once-world-fastest CCR, to the One:1, with a few others in between.

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