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Electric-powered Verrado puts trike drifting on the level

•, By Nick Lavars
  From the United States to Puerto Rico, adrenaline junkies are mounting customized three-wheeled machines to drift and spin their way along switchbacks and steep downhill descents. Now, Arizona-based Local Motors has developed an electric-powered drift trike dubbed Verrado, which aims to extend this form of recreation to residents in flatter parts of the globe ... or just make it easier to get back to the top of the hill.
A conventional drift trike could be described as an extreme tricycle for adults. The front forks usually harbor a BMX wheel with either pedals or stunt pegs protruding from the axle, while two smaller go-kart wheels bring up the rear. As the trike turns and the rider shifts his or her weight, sleeves fixed around the rear wheels, generally made from either PVC or polyethylene, create a loss of traction and set the drift in motion.

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