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Democrats Waste No Time Attacking David Brat

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David Brat, who did a term limit on establishment Republican Eric Cantor Tuesday, should expect Democrats to begin trashing him for his unforgivable (for avowed statists) libertarianism. In fact, they already have.

At the head of the line is AOL's Huffington Post. Kasey Varner and Amanda Terkel warn about Brat's Christian capitalism:

HuffPost Politics         @HuffPostPol

David Brat: Hitler Could 'Happen Again' If We Don't Embrace Christian...

David Brat, the economics professor who defeated House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) Tuesday in a surprise upset, has advocated for a system that "synthesize[s] Christianity and capitalism" and...

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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What are you a virgin?! Expect the GOP to endorse the Democrat OR your latest hero candidate has made a deal to acquiesce in the necessity to get contributions and get re-elected.