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Nutritional Approaches to Mental Health

It makes sense, it is the organ that directs the other organs, cells, and metabolic processes. So what happens if we're nutritionally deficient, can it affect our brain?

While nutritional deficiencies do not always exhibit grand mental or psychological symptoms, lesser subclinical indications can pop up. Minor deficiencies of certain nutrients are sufficient enough to change mood and brain chemistry, especially in sensitive individuals. Antidepressants, including natural anti-anxiety herbs like St. John's wort, may not be enough to alleviate depressive-like symptoms in people who are also suffering from underlying nutritional deficiencies.

Holistic Approaches to Mental Health

Holistic medicine is an approach that addresses the whole self by incorporating nutritional, biological, genetic, emotional, and mental aspects. When dealing with mood disorders, a sometimes serious and debilitating disorder, all of these aspects must be taken into account. One angle often taken is the use of herbs like kava kava and St. John's wort. Some herbs are seeing a great deal of research from reputable scientific organizations, all demonstrating positive results in promoting a positive mood and mental agility. Some herbs include:

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