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Lomasky's actual arguments against Hoppe are meager, but the bulk of Lomasky's review consists, not in argumentation, but in making two angry charges: (1) that Hoppe is impolite with philosophers or economists he disagrees with; and (2) that Hoppe is unscholarly.

But in making both of these charges, Lomasky is a living contradiction. The reader of his review would never know it, but Hoppe's critiques of his opponents constitute a mere two or three footnotes in a several-hundred page book. The great bulk of the book sets out Hoppe's positive deductive theory of economics and political ethics. This accounts for Hoppe's not spending more time rebutting Nozick, Locke's proviso, etc., which calls down upon him Lomasky's wrath. It is actually Lomasky who is ranting and rude in his attack on Hoppe. Performative Contradiction Number One.

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