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New York Times Reports: U.S. Government Exposed Soldiers to Chemical Weapons

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Contrary to popular belief, US soldiers found tons of chemical weapons in Iraq. Army Sergeant Jarrod Taylor has wounds on his arms and hands from chemical weapons. But he says the military won't pay for his medical care, because they say, those wounds never happened, from weapons that were never found. All of these accusations are coming to light in a recent report by the New York Times. During their detailed investigation, they found at least 17 American military forces and at least 7 Iraqi police officers who were all exposed to nerve gas or mustard agents after 2003. And according to newly released documents obtained by the Freedom of Information Act, American troops secretly reported at least 5 thousand chemical warheads, shells or aviation bombs. This new accusation from the Times alleges that US Army Commanders sent soldiers on live combat missions, knowing they would find chemical weapons, but never told the soldiers what they were getting into. The US government n

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