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W.H.O. Memo: We Failed Ebola Containment

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The threat of Ebola spreading into other countries has grabbed the attention of top leaders all over the world. The United Nations Security Council spent a large portion of their time, working on a plan to fight Ebola. And the World Health Organization has been at the center of all of it. Now, a new leak out of the WHO insinuates that the group repeatedly botched their attempts to contain the Ebola outbreak, they acknowledge their own failures internally, and they went to great lengths to preserve their own image in the whole process. That new report leaked to the Associated Press is drawing some unwanted, negative attention to the WHO while they battle to contain Ebola on the front lines in West Africa. Part of the leaked memo said, "nearly everyone involved in the outbreak response failed to see fairly plain writing on the wall, a perfect storm was brewing ready to burst open in full force." How would the WHO respond? Well, they aren't responding at all. Their answe

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