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Eat Bacon, Butter and Cream Everyday


OK. I am significantly overweight. I read this book and it makes so much sense! For years our society has been telling us LOW or NO Fat is the key!! High carbs, get rid of the fats. Over the years I would yo-yo, losing weight and gaining weight again. When foods take out the fat then they take out the flavors! To account for this lack of taste then the manufacturers add back in loads of sugar.

This book teaches you how to change your body from a sugar-burner to a fat burner, which is what you are when you are in ketosis. Ketosis is when your body no longer is using carbs as its fuel source but fat. Years ago I tried the Atkin's diet. It did work but I was focusing more on protein and less carbs but I did not get the importance of fat.

This book showed me that fat is integral for your success of achieving ketosis and proper fat-burning. The diet wants you to implement 60-80% FAT!! 20-35% Protein and 0-5% Carbs. I learned from this book that if you have more protein than fat then your body will then begin turning the excess protein into glucose will be similar to sugar-burning. So fat is key!

Guess what? I have been doing this plan and I am actually eating less!! Fat has more flavor and more calories. I no longer have jitters from the high-carb intake that was resulting in crashes. My energy is up and I am excited because I don't feel like I am deprived! Once in a while I will get hungry and want to turn to a quick carb anything but have learned to have nuts, cheese, etc. ready at hand. I eat plenty of vegetables because there are plenty that have a low-glycemic index.

I have lost weight easily and without any hunger. I do not crave sugar that much anymore and if I do I have learned incredible replacement recipes that take care of it. My sister has diabetes and high blood pressure. She has been doing this similar plan and has improved all of her blood levels. She was so excited!

The foods are amazingly yummy. They have breakfast, lunch, desserts, smoothies, and sauces. I can go out to a restaurant and actually eat!!! I can order chicken or steak with cream sauces and butter.

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