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Libertarian Neocons for McCain


The headline at says enough:

John McCain's Flawed, Important Example in the Age of Trump: The cancer-stricken senator's eternal pursuit of honor and integrity are a welcome tonic in a tawdry age, even while his policy misjudgments helped pave the way for the new Republican politics he abhors.

The essay is written by Matt Welch:

Matt Welch is editor at large of Reason, the libertarian magazine of "Free Minds and Free Markets." He served as Reason's editor in chief from 2008-2016.

No lightweight within the four (virtual and real) walls of Reason.  So what does Matt have to say about this senator?

Welch does not shy away from some of the minor issues of McCain.  But the ones he offers truly are McCain's minor issues.  Instead, Welch focuses on McCain's character, describing McCain with terms such as honor, integrity, decency, and virtue.

I don't get it.  McCain is perhaps the most warmongering, murdering, destructive individual in the senate today – this saying nothing about the immense flaws in his personal life.   Welch, from Reason describes him as having decency and integrity.  I happen to hold an entirely different view.

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