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Adam Kokesh Condemns "Culture War" At "Straight Pride Parade"

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Libertarian presidential candidate Adam Kokesh spoke out today at the "Straight Pride Parade" in a stunt that left him with his microphone muted and a mixed response among the crowd.

Kokesh, a marine veteran who hopes to abolish the entire federal government, used the stage to condemn the entire "culture war" in the United States. He says that the rich and powerful manipulate citizens to fight eachother rather than the state.

A few lines were booed, such as one claiming that police are the enemy, rather than the "Straight Pride Parade" or "antifa."

To him, the fighting is "less productive than masturbating."

The mic was eventually cut as he revealed a "free hugs" T-shirt and gave hugs to the crowd. A police officer declined a hug afterward.

Filmed by Ford Fischer

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Comment by Ed Price
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Adam will be long gone - died of old age - before he gets any real support for shutting down the Federal Government, and becoming President on that platform.

Comment by Ed Price
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The audio of the main video is a little difficult to hear, and will be for the hearing-impaired. One would hope that there is a transcription located somewhere.